Thursday, 14 August 2014

THATCamp Melbourne, Pedagogy | 10-11th October 2014

by Amanda Malel Trevisanut

THATCamp, Melbourne, 2014, will be held at the University of Melbourne on the 10-11 October, 2014. The event is free and proudly sponsored by the Digital Humanities Research Incubator.

For those of you unfamiliar with THATCamp, it stands for “The Humanities and Technology Camp,” and is conceived as an informal, hands-on conference at which attendees shape the program. THATCamp is all about participation, discussion, and fun through fostering a productive, collegial environment. The program for THATCamp is created and managed by participants on the day who vote on the sessions proposed.

The core theme for THATCamp Melbourne is pedagogy, although any aspect of digital humanities work is welcome. In preparation for the event we ask you to start thinking about some potential topics to workshop on the day.

To get the ball rolling, here are some suggestions: ‘blended learning’ in humanities teaching,  spaces for learning with technology, the creation, access and critical use of digital resources in teaching; grading and assessment through learning management systems,  social media in the humanities, for instance sentiment analysis, visualisation of historical phenomena, or MOOCs in the DH.

To register follow the link:

We look forward to your proposals

Kind Regards
Amanda, Craig and Fiona

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