Friday, 13 June 2014

Digital Humanities Research Incubator at the University of Melbourne

By Antonio Gonzalez and Amanda Malel Trevisanut

Early this year a group of scholars working across the School of Culture and Communication got together to form the Digital Humanities Research Incubator. This incubator is an initiative designed to raise the profile of DH research at The University of Melbourne.
We are an extremely diverse group with current projects spanning numerous disciplines, including Art History, English and Theatre Studies, Media and Communications, Publishing and Communication, and Screen and Cultural Studies. This scholarly diversity is proving to be the key strength of the group, and underwrites a culture of sharing, collaboration and learning. This culture extends across our  ever-expanding network, which includes colleagues at ITS Research, and the Baillieu Library (who have recently treated us to a great symposium showcasing current DH projects from around the uni).
While we are still quite a young group, we are  swiftly gathering momentum and look forward to staging some key events throughout the year.
We kicked off our jam-packed year with a symposium in April, and which has since been followed up with a series of inspiring seminars by DH scholars such as Deb Verhoeven, andBrett Hirsch. Fiona Tweedie and Steve Bennett  (ITS Research) have also treated to us to fun and practical workshops.
Our second symposium is slated for the first week of October (keep an eye out for updates). We are also the principal sponsors for the “unconference” THATCamp, which will be held on campus on the 10th-11th October (click here to register). And, of course, we’ll continue to run our seminar series and workshops to help you develop your digital tool kit (in the mean time check out ResBaz, the ITS Research blog).
We are of course, always on the look out for speakers to share their DH knowledge and experience. In addition to attending seminars, workshops and symposia, you can participate in our burgeoning community by following us on twitter @DHUniMelb.

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